There USED to be a time when I rejected change. I didn’t like what I was made to do. I don’t like adjusting. I don’t like being out of MY comfort zone. Now, that was a LOONG time ago. Before I graduated from high school. Being an adult……..with children…….and married, you find that you have to adjust on the fly and OFTEN. Daily even. No, I still don’t like it much, but I have to do it, and now it doesn’t so much bother me….

…but there’s some change that IS good, such as the change I’m now experiencing. I can’t quite put it into words, but I gotta say that it’s not bad. I’m finding myself in God’s word a LOT more, in prayer a LOT more. That part is good. Yes, I still have the same issues that I had when I last posted, but now, they don’t tend to bother me as LONG as they used to. They haven’t gone away, and I reckon they won’t ever go away, but there’s a LOT more PEACE now, and that’s what I need more of. That’s what we ALL need more of. And I get it by taking my focus off the crap and keeping it where it needs to be. The ups and downs of being an adult is enough to make you sick, but that balance is available to you – to us ALL.


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