The “Rebirth” of wb3

Yeah, it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted a blog. That’s a horrible sign of my laziness, my inability to focus on 1 given task – blame it on the kids right? That would be easy to do, but I won’t. I’m a grown man and I can own up to this shortcoming. I’ll be back to posting regularly, mixing occasional humor with some seriousness. Looking at the events happening around me (being a lifelong resident of the murder capital of the country, St. Louis, MO), I feel a need to be more direct with my readers, though they may be few. Our time on this earth is winding up swiftly, and we have to move quickly as Kingdom Builders – the Kingdom of God, that is. In an attempt to reconnect myself with the Almighty God, I will share with you, as I’m led, what is revealed to me through my prayer and study time with the Lord. It’s up to you to read and accept OR reject – the choice is yours. But I’m sharing it because of my love for Christ AND YOU! So…………………………….strap back up! This ride will be interesting.


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