Talking when you have nothing to say

Ever have one of those days when you have such a positive outlook on your day and your life that you just want to attack it head on? You have the attitude that you can take on the world. Then, the bottom drops out. You get slapped with a dose of reality so strong that you can’t breath. Yeah, that happened to me today. It’s my own fault though. Not to say that I SHOULDN’T have a positive outlook on life ALL the time. It’s just today, I falsely gave myself a over saturated sense of invincibility, if that makes sense. I had everything all planned out. Problem is my life didn’t match up with the plans. I almost lost it. I almost when on a tantrum. I almost cried. I almost gave up. Then it happened. I talked when I didn’t have anything to say.

I’m beginning to see why people say you should talk things out you start to feel like there’s no hope. Because I do feel better when I don’t hold all these ill feelings in.

…and on a separate note, it’s very hard to feel like crap when you listen to gospel music, lol.


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