Yawl remember the Sugar Ray Leonard – Roberto Duran II fight right?

8th round? Duran didn’t wanna go back out?

Turned to the referee and said “no mas” (spanish for “no more”)?

Ringing a bell yet?

Well, even if you’re not familiar with it, allow me to introduce you to it. NO MORE! I can’t handle it. I admit that I have reached my limit. What am I talkin’ about? What have I decided to surrender to? Well, actually, it’s more like WHO! It’s an 11 month old bundle of joy and pain all wrapped up in what HAS to be a 30lb package. Well, 30lbs may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I invite YOU to carry him up 3 flights of stairs and tell me what you think. 

It truly is an honor and a blessing to have children. Whether it’s one or ten, children are a true blessing from God, and in their infant form, there’s nothing else like it. But when they get to the stage where they begin to come into their own personality, when they begin to communicate with their cries and facial expressions about their dislikes, THAT’S when things get interesting. I was handed the task of being home with said 11 month old (his name is William the 4th btw – we call him “4” for short) while my wife is away for the weekend on church business. I’ll admit, he’s become a bit of a daddy’s boy – he likes to sit in my lap and have his meals, work the vidoe game controllers, etc. But when he doesn’t have an additional parent to run to, things tend to get a little chippy, and it’s not just the baby getting irritated. Needless to say, we’ve run the gamut of emotions this weekend – love, hate, irritation, guilt, sad, pain, remorse – you name it. He has now begun to associate the family dinner time with his, so if he sees ANYONE eating ANYTHING at ANYTIME, he thinks HE is supposed to eat to. Let’s just say no one won that fight. Actually, I don’t really think I won ANY confrontation with “4” this weekend. It was mostly HIM demanding HIS way, me raising my voice, cussing under my breath, and giving him what he wanted. 

I guess this is what happens when you have a baby at 40 years old…………..



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