No more resolutions

Get ready world:

People all across America are about to gear up and literally lie to us AND themselves. I’m talking about New Year Resolutions. You know, those promises that have good intentions but never see fruition. From losing wait to changing their diet to going back to school. Let’s not forget the old “getting closer to God” deal too… It may not be ALL lies now. I’m just saying – we need to find out the percentage of resolutions that are broken within the first 30 days of the year and those that don’t even make it past January 1. For me, I stop doing those a long time ago – and yes, it ended with a gym membership that I NEVER used (and probably still owe on to this day). I’ll tell you what’s gonna change though.

It’s said that at every decade in life, you experience an epiphany of sorts; something changes in your mindset; there’s an immediate paradigm shift. You can’t really explain it, but things that used to get a rise out of you don’t anymore. Things that you were once passionate about kinda fades away. I’m there right now. There are some things about me that have changed. One in particular is how much I have to say. I’ve never been a man of many words. My sermons are short; you get one sentence answers from me most times. Now, I have so much in me that I had to create a NEW blog, and it’s not just me having diarrhea of the mouth. People see blogs as outlets, some informative, etc. I see it as whatever it needs to be once I sit down behind the keyboard. And that’s what I’m gonna focus on this year. I want to see where all these thoughts take me. I want to see what it does to me and people around me. Some things in my life will take a back seat, but I’ll always have my Bluetooth keyboard and tablet with me. Never again will a thought get lost.

Not a resolution – but a promise. Buckle up guys…


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