Anyone that knows me knows I sometimes have a lot to say, and then there are times when I have absolutely NOTHING to say…I’m a preacher. I like to get people’s attention when I title my sermons. For you guys, I like to get your attention with the title of my blogs. This time, however, I’m at a loss. Why??

Because you all have gotten too deep for your own good, and I’m lost.

I’m at a point where I think a lot of people have jumped on so many of these judgmental bandwagons that they have NO idea what to stand for. It’s become popular to bash folk for what they do out of pure jealousy. Think about it:

  • Apparently, Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary fame) took a promotional photo in a FITTED white dress (which covered her from the neck to the knees, but it was fitted). Ms. Campbell is a shapely woman. Nothing provocative about the pose, yet the “saints” have gone APE-CRAZY about the dress. People talking about how “modest” we’re supposed to be, but catch ’em out on the town one Saturday night and their sermon may not match their text if you know what I mean.

I’m just gonna be straight up right now – I’m at a point where I’m challenging ANYTHING I was EVER TAUGHT. If it doesn’t line up with what the BIBLE says (and when I say that, I don’t mean every minister’s “interpretation”, or what so-and-so THINKS it means, because we all know not every preacher is on top of the Word), then I’m throwing it away. I’ve been taught to read, study, and know for MYSELF so that I don’t fall for any and everything that “sounds” right. My ears are not itching. I’m not clicking my heels 3 times and wishing for money; I’m not waiting for the postman to bring my prayer cloth & miracle spring water. The Word of God is CLEAR about how to live, it’s in black and white – it doesn’t matter WHO wrote the Bible because every word written IN it was GIVEN to the writer BY GOD (divinely inspired is the technical term for those that are wondering). I’m not going to argue the Word to anybody, I’m not going to get into a social media sparring match about what most people have NO CLUE of what the talk about. I’m not gonna be judgmental – God knows I have enough I have to answer for. I don’t want to answer for what I said about something that I have absolutely NO STOCK in. If I don’t preach another sermon, I want what I DO and what people SEE me do line up with my walk and my faith. Going to see Beyonce or a WWE wrestling match is not going to send me to hell, contrary to popular belief. Having an occasional glass of wine (or whatever it is I partake in) is not punching my ticket to hell (I know – you’re SHOCKED!!!) PLENTY of other things will get me there faster.

Maybe I’ve just become cynical in my old age (40). Maybe there are just some things I think people need to just shut up about. Maybe that old saying “Control what you can control” actually MEANS something now. You guys go ahead and bury your witness by going on about things that you can’t control. I’m just gonna sit back & watch and take a deep breath…



2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Man… the way people are talking about Erica Campbell’s dress lets me know where so-called Christians have their priorities. I can’t wait to hear what they will have to say when True Spirit records. They haven’t seen nothing yet!

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